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Pass the Bread with us October 24!

Pass the Bread is not a fundraising event, but rather an awareness raising event designed to bring people together at different gatherings on the same day.  Volunteer hosts use the sharing of meals as a catalyst for community building among the diverse residents of Routt County. 

The unusual aspect of Pass the Bread is that the invitation list of volunteer hosts includes both friends and community members the hosts have not yet met.


Imagine a get-together where you know one or two other people, but it’s your first chance to meet most of the folks there.  Maybe the get-together is a patio party and only singles have been invited.  Or perhaps it is a potluck where people representing every decade (in age) from the 20’s through the 70’s have been invited.  It might even be a brown-bag lunch in the park. 

Sound like fun?

Then join us for the next Pass the Bread event on October 24, 2009!

Most of us agree that what we have in Routt County is unique – a stronger sense of community and connectedness than other places we may have lived. 

Pass the Bread provides a setting in which people have an opportunity to get to know other members of their community in conversational groups, enjoying good food and discussion together.  Host homes invite friends as well as people they don’t know.

On Saturday, October 24, 2009 we will have our next Pass the Bread event.  We’d like to have 1000 community members getting together sometime that day to meet new people and build connections.  Some hosts will choose to do a breakfast gathering, drinking coffee and talking about what they like about Routt County and what could make us better.  Other hosts may choose to invite other parents of young children to an autumn picnic in the park with the kids and talk about what it’s like to raise a family here.  Some hosts may aim for diversity, and ask their guests to bring a potluck dish that represents their cultural heritage while discussing the challenges and advantages of Routt County for those who came from other countries. 

Explore the website.  We’d love to have you sign up to host or sign up to attend.  We’d mostly love to have you participate.  Your views and contributions are as unique as you are, and are part of what makes this community so special.


Lynne Garell & Lynn Ross-Bryant


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